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Working in collaboration with our clients, BSA / LA engages residents and stakeholders to plan, design and build vibrant and successful communities. 
BSA / LA works with other professional firms and organizations to build unique teams to best serve the needs of our client and the project.  Some of our collaborators include: 


Albertinvernon is a diversified design firm offering architectural, planning, interpretation, graphic design and publishing, and branding services in rural central Pennsylvania.


LandStudies was founded in 1989 on the belief that understanding and working with natural systems, instead of artificially controlling them, provides consistently superior, more stable, and longer lasting results. Our clients appreciate our refreshing approach in contrast to conventional site design… solutions which balance stewardship with practicality.

Interpretive Design

Interpretive Design specializes in the design of interpretive, historical, educational, and way-finding signs and exhibits.

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership is a leading champion for the Susquehanna River Watershed. We advocate for public and private efforts to connect people with our natural and cultural resources, and promote a sustainable and healthy environment.