BSA / LA has over twenty-five years of experience in engaging communities in planning and design development. From downtown improvements to regional greenway and open space plans, BSA / LA is skilled at organizing key stakeholders and facilitating a multi-disciplinary process that leads to improved quality of life and enhanced economic prospects for communities and regions.    



Environmental sustainability is central to BSA / LA's work.  Each project has the potential to create functional and aesthetic designs – while protecting and enhancing important natural resources.  BSA / LA is well-versed in watershed and regional planning, greenway and green infrastructure design, environmental restoration and habitat enhancement projects.


Every place has a unique character shaped by diverse geographies and refined by local culture and history.  BSA / LA recognizes that good design can connect people to the ‘spirit of place’ in new and profound ways.  Creating meaningful connections between people, their community, and local environment, is essential to creating the next generation of leaders and environmental stewards.